WGEN may be like a family but we’re professional so, in addition, if you’re interested in on-air announcing, engineering or production, please review this document – just to make sure we’re all on the same page. A non-refundable check for $100.00 is required which includes $75 membership dues that goes to insurance, training and other costs and $25 for a mandatory background check along with the volunteer form. All volunteers and their programs are subject to Board approval and must meet up to 25 hours of training with the station along with a 6 month probation following training. WWM Inc. is subject to strict rules and regulations by the FCC and the State of Illinois concerning the operation of the station, and the operation of then non-profit that owns it.

You can be a part of WGEN! We welcome you to the opportunities that extend from being on-air to fundraising. As a volunteer you could work on the web, help with technology, help with production, write announcements or even gather and report the news. When you’ve completed the form, send it to the below address or email it to volunteer@wgenradio.org

Step 1, Please read the Volunteer Memo first.

Step 2: Click the link Below for the application:

Volunteer Application



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